Public lecture by Professor Abdoulaye Bathily

There has been an upsurge in civil and military coups and a shrinking of civic space in a growing number of African countries in recent years, while the serious institutional and political crises that some countries on the continent have been experiencing for several years are still far from being resolved. What explains the difficulty that many countries on the continent have in establishing or consolidating democratic governance systems? What roles can regional organizations and citizen movements play in ending crises and conflicts and consolidating democracy? How can we ensure a better future in dignity on the continent for the younger generations of Africans?

Impulsradio, AmaniTv, and their media partners will be having a repeat broadcast of the second African Philanthropy Conference’s Panel on Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Akwasi Aidoo.

The broadcast will aired on September 7th, 2021 @18:00GMT (21:00 CAT)

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The "Saturdays of Economy" are an initiative of ARCADE supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

"Economy Saturday" on August 14, 2021

Theme: Tribute to Professors Samir Amin and Thandika Mkandawire 

Location: Virtual session via Zoom

August 12, 2021 marks the third anniversary of the death of Prof. Samir Amin, an eminent thinker and organic intellectual, who devoted his entire life to the struggle against capitalist oppression and imperialist domination. He was a giant in thought and action, who was part of all the struggles for the emancipation of the peoples of Africa and the world.

He put his immense knowledge and talent at the service of this struggle. On the theoretical level, he made a masterly contribution to the deconstruction of the concepts of "development" and "underdevelopment" propagated by neoclassical economic theory.

Professor Samir Amin would certainly have seen in the coronavirus pandemic a new illustration of the implosion of monopoly capitalism, which has become an obsolete system and a danger for the survival of humanity.

We associate with this tribute that of another eminent thinker who passed away in 2020 and who was very close to him. It is Professor Thandika Mkandawire, former Executive Secretary of CODESRIA, a position he held on the recommendation of Professor Samir Amin. A great intellectual complicity and a deep friendship bound these two eminent thinkers. 

We hope that many of you will be there, in Senegal and outside of Senegal, to honor the memories of these two illustrious departed, whose ideas and exceptional careers continue to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for current and future struggles.

To commemorate Africa Day 2021, TrustAfrica is pleased to share two video messages with you: one from our Chair, Coumba Touré and another video from our Executive Director, Dr Ebrima Sall. Your feedback will be appreciated as partners in the progress and development of the African continent

The year 2020 has been an eventful year, especially with the novel COVID-19 global health pandemic leading to a huge loss of life and profound disruptions, and the severe social and economic crises that came with it.

As 2020 is gradually rolling to an end, one lesson it leaves behind is the need for us to be responsible citizens, not only of our nations, but also of Mother Earth, and be responsive to the needs of others. This is what we strive to do at TrustAfrica. We are driven by the need to make our society better, “leaving nobody behind”. To this end, we have continued to partner with other development stakeholders to deepen inclusive development on the continent. Among other initiatives, in collaboration with Southern Africa Trust and the African Philanthropy Network, we launched “Community Immunity”, which is an initiative designed to draw attention to, support and work with the vulnerable and marginalized communities that are more exposed to the pandemic, yet not sufficiently catered for in most of the general responses to the widespread challenges arising from Covid-19.

The transition to a better, post-COVID-19 society will be long. We must build forward better, and make post-COVID-19 transition part of the structural transformation and the building of the Africa we want, in the world we want. We wish you Happy Holidays, and a very Happy and Prosperous New year, 2021.

This is for dignity. This is for #Africa. With the largest youth population in the world, there is more opportunity to uplift a continent than anywhere in the world. Donate where your giving can transform communities so we may all thrive. Join Baaba Maal for the first #LiveStream4Africa concert, hosted on Dash Radio free to stream.

Wednesday, 5 Aug 2020 9pm Senegal, 5pm NY 2pm CA Bring your hearts to Africa's Youth The Future is Here. Free live concert on behalf of @communiytimmunity.org Africa is home to the world's largest youth population. Imagine what we can do together. Join the #music - Share and prepare to donate. Create a world where we all thrive! http://Twitch.tv/dashradio TrustAfrica, Southern Africa Trust, Africa Philanthropy Network

Immunity Through Unity

Our latest Pan-African collaboration is the Community Immunity Initiative which is born of the core values of Ubuntu that we hold so dearly at TrustAfrica. The pandemic has reminded us that nobody is safe until everybody is safe. So in close collaboration with our partners, Southern African Trust and African Philanthropy Network, we are working on a global campaign to mobilise support for communities most at risk of being left behind. Please join us in ensuring that the most vulnerable are supported and no one has to be left behind today and in the future.

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The Civil Society Hub (CSOHUB-Africa), a foremost online community of nonprofit practitioners – individual and organizations, aware of the bigger challenges, proposed a Tweet Chat for its members on concrete ways that they can cope with the Covid19 challenge. The Chat addressed the following issues: managing existing grants, HR issues, finance and contracts issues and managing the working from home nuances.

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