May 28 2018


/images/VISET LOGO

/images/VISET LOGO

Meet Vendors Initiative for Socio-Economic Transformation (VISET)

At Independence in 1980, Zimbabwe inherited a relatively small informal economy which accounted for less than 10% of the labor force. In 2017, Afrobarometer reported that only 26% of youth between 18 and 35 described themselves as in full-time employment.  Voices of Zimbabwe (VoZ) recent poll of vendors the respondents indicated a lack of formal jobs as the recourse people have to make a living (see VoZ economic series report: www.voicesofzimbabwe.net, @Voices_ZW).

Since 2017, VISET has been leading the policy dialogue on the priorities of the informal sector in Zimbabwe from the perspective of the vendors themselves. In 2017, VISET successfully presented the Alternative National Street Vending Policy to the Portfolio Committee on Small to Medium Enterprise Development, Harare City Council, Business Community, Civic Society and other stakeholders. VISET has been lobbying Parliament to adopt the proposed policy document and have it as a working document towards the enactment of a Vendors Act which will enable the vendors to pursue their livelihoods within the confines of the law by repealing all pieces of legislation that inhibit vending. In December, working in collaboration with five other informal sector organizations, VISET delivered a petition to the Office of the new President and Cabinet detailing the challenges and opportunities faced by the informal sector as they sought to open dialogue with the new political leadership of the country.

/images/VISET LOGOIn March 2018, VISET launched the Vendors Initiative for Participation and Accountability (VIPA) in Harare and Gweru, in parternship with ZimbabweAlliance. The project focuses on strategic mobilization of the informal sector dominated by vending and building their capacity to demand constitutionalism by public officials. VIPA is training their local structures of Socio-Economic Champions (SOCHAMPS) across the two cities and is expected to impact 1000 vendors. Over 650 vendors have already been impacted by the local outreach of the SOCHAMPS.

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