Mar 19 2013

Socio-Economic Justice

Issue areas: pro-poor economic policy, poverty and inequality, resource rights, corporate accountability, domestic resource mobilization, social policy, gender justice

Through this cluster of work, we seek to:

  • Expand economic opportunities for all, especially for marginalized groups such as women and youth
  • Enhance the delivery of social services such as education and health for those treated unfairly in their provision – in both rural and urban areas
  • Rectify inequity and injustices in the distribution of Africa’s productive resources by advancing accountable governance

Broadly, our goal is to foster demand-driven change in pursuit of socio-economic justice. Our work addresses policy gaps and challenges and seeks to influence continental frameworks as well as national policies.

Some results of this work:

  • We established a multi-country coalition of civic actors who are ensuring that their governments follow through on commitments made at continental level to boost sustainable agriculture, including better policies for smallholder farmers.
  • We contributed towards the adoption of the Africa Mining Vision as part of the African Union’s strategic programme with the aim of ensuring that the continent’s rich resources do more to improve its people’s lives.
  • We helped coalesce a Pan-African advocacy movement to stop illicit financial flows out of Africa. The issue is now part of the AU’s Agenda 2063 and a number of countries are crafting policy interventions.
  • In higher education, our work to convene national and sub-regional stakeholders culminated in a ground-breaking continental summit to revitalize the sector. Its action plan is now spurring policy action at the African Union and in several countries.
  • In order to strengthen small and medium-scale enterprises and improve local participation in value chains, we supported the development of evidence-based policy research recommendations in a dozen countries.

Current projects:

Agriculture Advocacy

Illicit Financial Flows

Early Learning Innovations

Revitalizing Higher Education

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