Mar 19 2013

Philanthropy & Advisory Service

Issue areas: Philanthropy landscape interpretation, connector, leveraging donor resources, managing donor-advised funds

There is new interest in African philanthropy due to the phenomenal growth of foundations and increased recognition of African forms of giving. TrustAfrica has played a supportive role in this effort by helping to establish the African Philanthropy Network and through research on historical and cultural forms of giving across the continent as well as philanthropic trends.

We view the field ­– and the development of African philanthropic resources – as a key aspect of African agency. Our work includes support for philanthropic institutions; knowledge production and influencing practice; piloting innovations for giving; and encouraging philanthropy to take on issues of democratic governance and creating equity within societies.

We also provide a full set of advisory services to other donors – both individuals and institutions. This includes donor-advised funds formed by several institutions, such as the Nigeria Anti-Corruption and Criminal Justice Fund, and funds that consist of one main donor, such as the Kiisi Trust.

Some results of this work:

  • We helped establish the African Philanthropy Network in order to develop a community of practice and strengthen the growing field.
  • Our participation in global philanthropy platforms – including conference presentations, journal papers and magazine articles ­­– has contributed to a better understanding of Africa’s vibrant philanthropy tradition as well as its potential.
  • We have produced seminal publications on philanthropic trends such as Giving to Help and Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy, and, in concert with UBS, Africa’s Wealthy Give Back, on giving by high-net-worth Africans.
  • Our book, Claiming Agency: Reflecting on TrustAfrica’s first decade, examines the work we’ve done with our partners – in an effort to better understand the kind of philanthropy that is based in Africa and prioritises African agency.

Current Projects:

African Philanthropy 

Nigeria Anti-Corruption and Criminal Justice Fund 

Kiisi Trust to Benefit the Ogoni People 

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