Challenging orthodoxies in economic thinking in Africa

TrustAfrica (TA) and the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) are pleased to announce a three-day convening on Challenging Orthodoxies in Economic Thinking in Africa: Exploring Alternatives. The convening, which is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

  • COVID 19: TrustAfrica promotes security sector accountability

    TrustAfrica with the support from Open Society Foundations (OSF) will be implementing a pan-African project to strengthen the voices of citizens and advocate for accountability of the security sector during and post COVID 19 lockdown measures. 

    The Security Sector Accountability (SPaCVOSSA) project will commence on May 1, 2021, until October 31, 2021 and be implemented with four civil society partners in countries distributed across different regions of the continent. 

  • Community As A Response: Communities Organizing for their Development

    In March 2021, the World Communities Forum brought together organizations working with local communities to reflect on the past year and how Covid-19 has impacted the work that they do. TrustAfrica hosted a breakout session on “Community as a Response: Communities Organizing for their Development” on Day 1 of the virtual conference to tease out what are the enablers in supporting local communities in self-organizing for their development.

  • 100th Anniversary Amadou Mathar Roundtables

    TrustAfrica is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Prof. Amadou Mahtar Mbow starting in March 2021. The celebration, which will be held in partnership with the members of the African political class and intellectual community as well as the good people of Senegal, will involve a series of debates and roundtables. 

  • Launch of joint RECLAIM SUSTAINABILITY! programme for inclusive and sustainable value chains
    Solidaridad, Fairfood, TrustAfrica and Business Watch Indonesia (BWI) are excited to launch our new joint programme, RECLAIM SUSTAINABILITY! Read more...
  • Community Immunity Initiative

    COVID-19 has reminded us that the fight against poverty and marginalization must be taken up with renewed vigor in Africa and globally. This is a call we should not ignore. Our collective immunity saves the world.

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The Covid-19 pandemic exposed, at a global level, the abnormalcy of prevailing social, economic and ...

Africa Day 2021

To commemorate Africa Day 2021, TrustAfrica is pleased to share two video messages with you: one fro...

Community As A Response: Communities Organizing for their Development

Community As A Response: Communities Org…

  Written by Florence Kayemba (SDN), Ese Emerhi (TrustAfrica), and Charles Kojo Vandyck (WACSI) ...

How can inner work unleash new energy and resources when working in challenging contexts?

How can inner work unleash new energy an…

Gateway Zimbabwe, a collaborative culture-shifting initiative of Kufunda Learning Village, ORAP an...

Centenary of Professor Amadou Mahtar Mbow

Centenary of Professor Amadou Mahtar Mbo…

On May 29, TrustAfrica will host a webinar titled "Amadou Mahtar Mbow and the Emancipation of Peop...

TrustAfrica promotes security sector accountability

TrustAfrica promotes security sector acc…

Dakar, Senegal – TrustAfrica with the support from Open Society Foundations (OSF) is implementing ...

Sub-Regional Training in Data-Driven Adv…

TrustAfrica in collaboration with EM2030 jointly hosted a virtual training in data driving advocac...

Pan African CSO-Side Event at the 53rd S…

Theme: A Just and Green Recovery for Africa: A Call to Action Africa’s debt burden is heavy, very h...

Saying Farewell To Long-Time Staffer Ese Emerhi As She Moves To New Adventures In The Philanthropy Sector

Saying Farewell To Long-Time Staffer Ese…

Project Manager: African Philanthropy After four years with TrustAfrica she is embarking on a new...

World Communities Forum

On 23 and 24 March 2021 the Inaugural World Communities Forum was convened by SHOFCO where the Glo...

Media and Civil Society Collaborate with TrustAfrica to Address Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) from Africa in the Covid-19 era

Media and Civil Society Collaborate with…

On 10 and 11 March 2021, TrustAfrica in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation convened 1...

Roundtable on "The challenges of the women's social movement in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso: Advancing actions for systemic change supporting women's rights"

Roundtable on "The challenges of th…

As mentioned in our opening article, TrustAfrica, as part of the implementation of its project: “E...

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