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Word Cloud from TrustAfrica Programs Meeting in September: What is Your 1 Word Prayer for TrustAfrica?

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In last year’s editions of our newsletter, we introduced you to our three pillars of work around democracy and governance, equitable development, and African philanthropy. This year, we are looking forward to introducing you to the core strategies we use in delivering our work namely, grantmaking, African knowledge and research generation, capacity strengthening, and movement building.

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Word Cloud from TrustAfrica Programs Meeting in September: What is Your 1 Word Prayer for TrustAfrica?

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We’re excited to share this latest edition of our newsletter with you, particularly because we’ve been privileged to be part of so many important conversations about Africa’s development and the possibilities for transformative participation available to citizens, public and private leaders and academics. Read more to find out what interesting conversations we’ve been a part of around Democracy and Governance, Equitable Development and African Philanthropy. To start you off we have as our center piece in this edition remarks delivered by our Learning Manager, Ms. Tendisai Chigwedere during the 2nd African Philanthropy Conference from 3-5 August 2021.

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Shaping the Future We Want Through Pan-African Collaboration

When TrustAfrica was founded in 2006 our mandate was to mobilize and channel substantive resources to stand behind African actors and organizations to enable them to respond to the most pressing challenges facing the continent. Bringing together some of the leading Pan-African thought leaders and practitioners in the Board and through the executive leadership, TrustAfrica has been committed to a strategy of collective impact focusing on nurturing and encouraging collaboration in every intervention across programs. This edition of our newsletter will focus on this collective impact strategy and how we are witnessing outsized impact by working collaboratively trans-locally, nationally and at the Pan-African level. Read more in this newsletter to find out how this translates across our three strategic priority areas of Equitable Development, Democratic Governance and African Philanthropy as a means of defending the key questions facing the continent: Accountability, Equity and Justice. If you haven’t had a chance yet, don’t forget to check out our Shaping the Future We Want for Africa Strategy 2020-2024.

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The Covid-19 pandemic exposed, at a global level, the abnormalcy of prevailing social, economic and political systems – particularly their failure to protect the most vulnerable. At TrustAfrica, we are clear that there is no going back to the old normal. Accordingly, our current focus is on building forward better. We need new models across our economic, social and political systems that will protect the most marginalized and work for everyone. Earlier this month we concluded our strategic retreat, where we reaffirmed the theme of our strategic plan for the period 2020-2024 as Shaping the Future we Want for Africa!

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Le thème de la Journée internationale de la femme de cette année reconnaît l’impact de la pandémie de santé mondiale COVID-19 en 2020. Pour la campagne 2021, Nations Unies a annoncé le thème « Leadership féminin : réaliser un avenir égalitaire dans un monde COVID-19 ». Une campagne sur les médias sociaux a été lancée pour inspirer les femmes à #ChooseToChallenge et dénoncer les préjugés sexistes et les disparités entre les sexes. 

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Nous voici de plain-pied en 2021. Avec elle de nouvelles opportunités et de nouvelles trajectoires. Comme pour toute année nouvelle, nous l’avons entamée avec l’espoir qu’elle sera meilleure que la précédente, parce que nous plongeant dans une société plus saine, plus juste et plus dynamique. A ses débuts encore, l’année 2021 semble être une continuation de 2020 et cela pour le monde entier. La pandémie qui n’a épargné aucun pays n’a pas encore disparu de la terre, mais une chose importante se dessine pour marquer l’année 2021. Aussi voudrions-nous vous proposer une mise à jour, alors que nous entrons dans notre rythme de programmation.

C’est dans cet esprit, nous vous invitons, en tant que partenaires et amis, à être solidaires des communautés qui travaillent sans relâche dans l’espoir d’instaurer la justice, la démocratie participative, la paix et des conditions de vie décentes, sur tout le continent. Nous avons eu le privilège de travailler avec des communautés qui relèvent les défis de cette époque : avec intégrité, vision et passion. Malgré des questions existentielles nécessitant une action urgente cette année, nous sommes impatients de partager avec vous, certaines de ces histoires des communautés. Il en sera ainsi, tout au long de l’année.

Dear Friend and Partner, 

We are pleased to resume the regular publication of our Newsletter, an important medium through which TrustAfrica has been communicating with you about both global and the specifically African issues. There is no doubt that COVID-19 will profoundly change the world, as we know it, and mark a remarkable turnaround in the shape of global society. TrustAfrica was born from a vision to enable African actors to respond most effectively to the most pressing issues affecting the continent. And COVID-19 will surely be recorded as not only one of the most pressing issues of our time, but also as an occurrence which has most acutely highlighted the fault lines in our society.

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TrustAfrica a le plaisir d’annoncer la reprise de sa lettre d’information. Cette publication trimestrielle permettra de revenir sur les temps forts des activités déjà déroulées par TrustAfrica. Elle mettra à votre disposition les programmes de ses activités.  L’accent sera surtout mis sur le travail de nos partenaires qui sont sur le terrain et qui se battent pour améliorer les conditions de  vie de leurs concitoyens. Notre lettre d’information se veut un espace de discussion et de promotion du panafricanisme, de la démocratie et de la citoyenneté. Elle fera donc la promotion des idées á même de contribuer á l’épanouissement et au développement de l’Afrique et de sa diaspora.

Ce numéro reviendra sur les temps forts de la conférence sur les flux financiers Illicites qui s’est tenue à Dakar, au Sénégal les 12 et 13 Mars 2019, la table ronde autour de l’ouvrage d’Ayisha Osori qui s’est tenue dans les locaux de TrustAfrica á Dakar, au Sénégal et nos différentes activités passées et à venir.
Nous vous souhaitons une très bonne lecture.

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We are honoured by your participation at this our 10th year anniversary celebration conference on philanthropy and Africa’s development. By honouring us with your presence and recognising this significant milestone together with us, you are contributing to the process of shaping our future. As we mark TrustAfrica’s 10-year anniversary we are also unveiling TrustAfrica’s new strategy for the period 2016 – 2020. Our goal under the new strategy is to advance political economic and social justice in Africa by tackling a number of priority thematic issues. These issues which have found expression in the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the African Mining Vision, the African Union’s Transitional Justice Policy Framework as well as the Sustainable Development Goals will be a major focus of the next phase of TrustAfrica’s programming. We are humbled by your support not only today but in the decade that has brought us to this point. We welcome you. Thank you.

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