Déc 25 2015

Case Study: ROYNF Uganda

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ROYNF (Robert and Yeranda Nkosi Foundation) is a micro level incremental innovation complemented by comparative data which seeks to raise learning outcomes by developing a language appropriate participative learning model.  The ROYNF approach is compatible with Uganda’s national Thematic Curriculum, and yet distinct, in that, it features pupils’student group work, application in private schools, and kinaesthetic/participative activities.  While these might not be new ideas, their application in this context is innovative.  This project targets Lumasaaba language speakers, but the approach should be useful in other languages, as well.

 The first three years of primary school are targeted, but there has not yet been enough time to effectively measure its impact on the entire test group.  Grades 1 and 2 will have had only one year of intervention.  A comparison of baseline and end line learning outcomes between test and control groups gives an indication of the positive effect of the approach.

ROYNF’s strengths are particularly in the areas of teacher training, appropriate language use and methodology. See Innovations Grid annex.

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