Nov 01 2022

African Journalists and Bloggers Mobilise Against Illicit Financial Flows from Africa 

At TrustAfrica, we strongly believe that tackling Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) has become, more than ever, a matter of survival for Africa’s development and must be treated with urgency. There is broad consensus that the funds bleeding out of Africa, which amount to over USD 88.3 billion a year, and represent 3.7 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP), could be channelled towards the continent’s development if successfully retained. This fight against the IFFs will not be won without the support of journalists, bloggers and media professionals who understand the implications of these outflows on the continent’s developmental trajectory. 

To better prepare journalists, bloggers, and media professionals to develop in-depth publications on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, TrustAfrica organised a two-day training workshop in Dakar, Senegal, on this subject matter. The second day of the training was marked by a High-level Public Roundtable, where the twenty-five participants from different parts of the continent had fruitful discussions with experts, policymakers, academics and activists in the field. The link to the roundtable can be found here.

At the end of the workshop, journalists, bloggers and media practitioners were unanimous in their resolve to stop Illicit Financial Flows on the continent by setting up a Network of African Journalists Working Against Illicit Financial Flows. They thereafter issued this declaration calling for other journalists to join the Network.

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