Mai 29 2020

Covid-19. Learning to build resilience for the future of Africa’s small scale farmers, food systems and sovereignty

The COVID-19 has brought an opportunity to learn and revisit how to build strong resilient African food systems and to safeguard food security and sovereignty. For the millions of small scale, peasant and family farmers who are self-employed and rely heavily on moving perishable and non-perishable goods from rural to urban mass markets and consumers, earning a daily wage, this has had disastrous consequences.

The webinar will bring an expert panel from across policymakers, small-scale farmers, civil society, rights advocates to

  • Analyse the impact of COVID-19 on African small scale farmers and food systems and the development agenda for agriculture
  • Learn from experiences of small scale farmers, across the continent and their vision for building resilient food systems
  • Explore strategies that the Governments, small scale farmers and other stakeholders can use to ensure that food systems build the resilience needed to weather the current and future risks and shocks.

The dialogue will also table collective responses and solutions that African food systems must put in place to not only survive but transform for the benefit of African food security and sovereignty.

Register at this link and join us for this webinar: https://bit.ly/2ZOxSXn

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