Mar 19 2013

African Philanthropy

TrustAfrica seeks to align external philanthropic resources with African agendas as well as to cultivate indigenous resources that support the continent’s own priorities for democracy and development. We engage in and support efforts to:

  • Build knowledge: We seek to build and disseminate knowledge on the nature, role, potential and impact of African philanthropy through research, publications, advocacy and convenings.
  • Promote social justice philanthropy: We are working to advance the narrative, practice and impact of social justice philanthropy in Africa.
  • Strengthen the field of philanthropy: We strive to facilitate collaborative networks, develop learning platforms, strengthen collective philanthropy positions, encourage critical reflection and advocate for a more enabling environment for giving on the continent.

Our Impact

  • A groundbreaking study on the state of philanthropy in Africa, Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy, reflects on theoretical, historical and cultural underpinnings of the field and explores its relation to civil society, the state, regional organizations, and Africans in the diaspora.
  • Support for field research on community foundations and a set of papers on social justice philanthropy; an increase in African voices, positions and papers at key African and international fora; an extensive database of literature on African giving in four languages; research related to high-net-worth philanthropy in Africa; and emerging work related to the intersections between philanthropy and resource governance.
  • TrustAfrica is one of the founding members and supporters of the African Grantmakers Network, the first pan-African philanthropic network on the continent. It has also played a critical role leading up to the development of the African Social Justice Philanthropy Group.

For more information, see our program fact sheet below. 


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