Mar 19 2013

African Philanthropy

African Philanthropy African Philanthropy

TrustAfrica seeks to generate knowledge, cultivate networks and foster dialogue around the role of African resources in advancing social justice agendas. We believe that efforts to re-energize Africa’s culture of giving and extend its reach could enable a more independent civil society, support African agency and strengthen locally-driven development. Cultivating indigenous philanthropic resources can play a catalytic role in enabling Africans to reclaim ownership of their own agendas, bring forward African voices and help offset the power imbalances that accompany external aid. Africa is already home to a deep-rooted culture of giving and mutual support, though it operates mostly at the family and community levels. Efforts to reenergize these traditions, and extend their reach, could give civil society organizations greater leverage with funders overseas as well as wary governments here at home. At the same time, strong economic growth in many parts of Africa is creating new pockets of wealth. With them has come a new generation of African philanthropists and a new set of formal philanthropic institutions—including corporate, private, and community foundations—that can play a vital role in sustaining African initiatives for democratic governance and equitable development.


TrustAfrica seeks to cultivate indigenous resources that support the continent’s own priorities for democracy and development and, accordingly, align external philanthropic resources with African agendas.. We provide funding and technical assistance for:

  • Knowledge Building: we seek to build and disseminate knowledge on the role and potential of African philanthropy.
  • Social Justice Philanthropy: We are working to advance the practice and impact of social justice philanthropy in Africa
  • Strengthen the field: We strive to facilitate collaborative networks, develop learning platforms, strengthen collective African philanthropy positions and advocate for a more enabling environment for giving on the continent. For example, TrustAfrica is the Secretariat to the African Grantmakers Network.

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