Mar 19 2013

Equitable Development

Equitable Development Equitable Development


TrustAfrica supports initiatives to foster African enterprise and extend the benefits of economic growth to all members of society. Specifically, TrustAfrica supports research, analysis and advocacy to:

  • Identify and mitigate barriers to public investments and policies that produce sustainable and equitable benefits.
  • Document and disseminate best practices in investment promotion and private-sector development across Africa; and
  • Harmonize national policies to stimulate regional trade and investment.

Achieving more equitable forms of development across the continent requires pro-poor investment climate reforms, greater investment in education and training, stronger regional institutions and policies that recognize the signficance of informal cross-border trade in spurring economic development and curbing poverty. The programs below reflect TrustAfrica's commitment to equity, inclusiveness and sustainability while spurring economic development in ways that help to alleviate poverty.

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