Mar 19 2013

Democratic Governance

Governance Governance


TrustAfrica works to secure the conditions for democracy by strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and by ensuring that citizens are fully engaged in governance processes—not just in their respective countries but also at the regional level. We support groups and coalitions working to:

  • Monitor national policies and processes on key issues including freedom of association, freedom of expression, anti-impunity, access to justice (especially in post-conflict areas), free movement of people and civic participation in setting development practices; and conduct advocacy actions aimed at securing and safeguarding the right to these freedoms.
  • Engage regional institutions such as the African Union to improve the application of democratic norms and standards such as the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.
  • Augment the advocacy skills within civil society organizations and increase their access to policy makers. We convene, provide financial support and technical assistance to help organizations in countries with particularly fragile democracies to hold their governments accountable.
  • Improve economic governance processes and frameworks, especially within the extractive industries.


The four initiatives within this program area are described in the links to the right.


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