TrustAfrica is honoured to welcome you to this inaugural continent summit. We are equally humbled by the faith and the responsibility that has placed upon us, by our partners and indeed the government of Senegal, to deliver a globally relevant event that will map the way forward for the higher education sector.

Higher education is a critical component to continental development in a knowledge economy. The needs for ordinary citizens to function and make a contribution, both to their personal economy and that of their communities and nations, is constantly escalating with numerous innovations coming to the fore, leading to the challenges of unemployment and un-employability that we are currently faced with.

The task is not out of reach. A platform such as this summit is certainly a first step in bringing together all respective stakeholders, to pull together and start the process of addressing these challenges by laying the foundations for a movement, which will promote greater social and economic development across Africa.

We look forward to your invigorated participation and contribution to this worthy matter.

Yours faithfully,
Tendai Murisa

Executive Director


  1. Hon. Minister Higher Education and Research, Government of Senegal
  2. Hon. Chairperson of the African Union Commission
  3. Executive Director TrustAfrica
Grantee Year Amount Country
Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) 2014 $25000 Tanzania
Liberia Media Center (LMC) 2014 $12,350 Liberia
Foundation for Peace and Development (FDP) 2014 $12,500 Liberia
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding 2014 $12,595 Liberia
PANOS West Africa 2014 $103,000 Mali
Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) 2014 $110,000 Nigeria
Accountability Lab 2014 $5,305 Liberia
Peace Building Resource Centre,Inc 2014 $12,000 Liberia
African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) 2014 $112,000 Uganda
Southern Africa Trust 2014 $43,000 South Africa
African Public Policy and Research Institute 2014 $5,000 Zimbabwe
Institute for Research and Democratic Development 2014 $72,255 Liberia
Actions for Genuine Democratic Alternatives (AGENDA) 2014 $35,000 Liberia
ImagiNation Afrika 2014 $60,165 Senegal
Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU) 2014 $25,000 Liberia
NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development (NAYMOTE-PADD) 2014 $42,000 Liberia
Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) 2014 $35,200 Ghana
Institute for Research and the Promotion of Alternatives in Development (IRPAD) 2014 $101,180 Mali
Nigeria Coalition for the International Criminal Court (NCICC) 2014 $75,000 Nigeria
Centre de Formation Pédagogique Abbé David Boilat (CFP/ADB) 2014 $60,000 Senegal

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