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Immunity Through Unity

Our latest Pan-African collaboration is the Community Immunity Initiative which is born of the core values of Ubuntu that we hold so dearly at TrustAfrica. The pandemic has reminded us that nobody is safe until everybody is safe. So in close collaboration with our partners, Southern African Trust and African Philanthropy Network, we are working on a global campaign to mobilise support for communities most at risk of being left behind. Please join us in ensuring that the most vulnerable are supported and no one has to be left behind today and in the future.

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Dear Friend and Partner, 

We are pleased to resume the regular publication of our Newsletter, an important medium through which TrustAfrica has been communicating with you about both global and the specifically African issues. There is no doubt that COVID-19 will profoundly change the world, as we know it, and mark a remarkable turnaround in the shape of global society. TrustAfrica was born from a vision to enable African actors to respond most effectively to the most pressing issues affecting the continent. And COVID-19 will surely be recorded as not only one of the most pressing issues of our time, but also as an occurrence which has most acutely highlighted the fault lines in our society.

The COVID-19 has brought an opportunity to learn and revisit how to build strong resilient African food systems and to safeguard food security and sovereignty. For the millions of small scale, peasant and family farmers who are self-employed and rely heavily on moving perishable and non-perishable goods from rural to urban mass markets and consumers, earning a daily wage, this has had disastrous consequences.

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The Civil Society Hub (CSOHUB-Africa), a foremost online community of nonprofit practitioners – individual and organizations, aware of the bigger challenges, proposed a Tweet Chat for its members on concrete ways that they can cope with the Covid19 challenge. The Chat addressed the following issues: managing existing grants, HR issues, finance and contracts issues and managing the working from home nuances.

To read the full discussions, please click here.


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A TrustAfrica, nous avons créé le COVID-19 Africa Solidarity Fund, (Fonds de solidarité pour l’Afrique COVID-19), dont le produit sera utilisé pour soutenir les Unités de Riposte d’Urgence déployées dans plusieurs pays du continent africain, afin d’aider à freiner la propagation de cette pandémie.
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La Fondation panafricaine TrustAfrica a remis jeudi, à l’Etat du Sénégal un chèque de six millions (6.000.000) CFA, en soutien à l’effort des autorités dans la lutte contre la pandémie COVID-19.

Le geste a été magnifié par le ministre de l’Economie, du Plan et de la Coopération du Sénégal, Monsieur Amadou HOTT, qui a reçu la contribution de TrustAfrica des mains de Dr Ebrima Sall, Directeur exécutif de TrustAfrica.

« Au nom du gouvernement du Sénégal et du chef de l’Etat, Son Excellence Macky Sall, nous remercions TrustAfrica, son staff et l’ensemble de ses partenaires » pour cet « élan de générosité », a déclaré le Ministre.

Il a expliqué que l’appel du chef de l’Etat a été entendu, et les contributions viennent aussi bien des organisations internationales et de grandes entreprises que des personnes sans grands moyens .

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