International Women's Day is an opportunity to recognize the great contributions of African women to the advancement of our continent. As part of our celebration this year, TrustAfricaAfricans RisingOSIWA, and Sylv Saki (“Un Mois, Un Livre”) are excited to welcome Ayisha Osori for a round table discussion of her book, Love Does Not Win Elections. Ayisha's beautifully written memoir pulls the reader in from the first sentence, as she takes us on her often unbelievable journey contesting for elections as a woman in Nigeria. Osori gives a much-needed first-hand account of Nigerian politics, from an unapologetically feminist perspective. A must-read for anyone interested in the mire that is Nigerian politics and, beyond Nigeria, in what women have to go through, almost everywhere, to "get a seat at the table".

TrustAfrica a organisé une reunion de deux jours sur les défis posés par les flux financiers illicites en provenance d’Afrique.  Cette rencontre de deux a mis un accent particulier sur la région Afrique de l’Ouest.  Ce fut une belle occasion pour les acteurs de la société civile d’échanger sur le sujet et de se concerter pour les actions à venir.

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By Lemene Cyril Sambari and Vivian Dimkpa

TrustAfrica is pleased to inform you that in one year, the Kiisi Trust Fund (KTF) has created partnership with 27 organisations to implement programs across Ogoniland in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Projects have been implemented in 48 Ogoni communities. 8, 717 beneficiaries have been reached in this area which is remarkable for immense environmental degradation. Grants awarded till-date have been $296,518.00.

Queen-bess Mubenwafor is from Alode community in Eleme LGA in Rivers State and will be serving as one of the Grants, Monitoring and Evaluation interns at the Trust. She volunteers her time and promotes social development at the Women Empowerment Project Scheme Synergy and the Adolescent Project. In addition, Queen-bess is a financial consultant and served as the state financial secretary for the Nigeria Christian Coppers Fellowship (NCCF), Cross River State Chapter from 2017 – 2018 where she was responsible for the preparation, auditing, presentation of the quarterly financial documents. Queen-bess has a B.Sc. in Accounting from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Nwinaka Esaen is from Baen town in Khana LGA of Rivers State. He holds a BSc degree in Forestry and Wildlife Management and a master’s degree in Tourism and Wildlife management. He has great flair and passion for research and committed to any positive cause geared towards the development and progress of his community and society at large.

Prior to his engagement as Grants, Monitoring and Evaluation intern with the Trust, he worked as a field officer for African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) from 2016-2018.

Vivian Dimkpa is from Bodo City in Gokana LGA of Rivers State. She graduated from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Education and Management. Vivian holds a certificate in Peacebuilding from the Rivers State Ministry of Youth Development and she’s passionate about the girl-child education and community development. At the Trust, Vivian will be one of the communications and research interns.

Lemene Cyril Sambari-epie is from Kpite community in Tai LGA in Rivers State. He joins the Trust as one of the communications and research interns. Cyril has 4 years of working experience as a research analyst and report writer. In 2014, he worked with the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), a top leading town planning firm in Nigeria, where he assisted in research analysis and report writing.

Cyril is passionate about helping people maximize their potentials to become productive members of society. He is a writer, speaker and peace advocate in Rivers state. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

Le mois de mars est dédié aux femmes. Pour célébrer la résilience et les contributions importantes des femmes africaines au développement social, culturel et économique du continent, Mme Coumba Touré, présidente du conseil d'administration de TrustAfrica et coordinatrice du Mouvement africain pour la paix, la justice et la dignité était l'invitée principale de Kinkeliba de la Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS).

Pendant cet entretien, elle est revenue sur la mission et la vision de TrustAfrica en tant qu’organisation panafricaine. Elle a également parlé de la contribution de TrustAfrica en ce qui concerne l’autonomisation des femmes en Afrique.



Superviseur : À DÉTERMINER
Zones de couverture: Burkina Faso, Mali, and Sénégal
Duration:    3 mois
TAF Classification: Consultant 

Our Vision: a prosperous, equitable, sustainable and Democratic Ogoniland. 

  • We believe that externally designed explanations and solutions cannot be the answer to decades-long conflict in Ogoniland.
  • Our model of grantmaking is participatory based. one that is grounded in the belief that if affected communities participate in decision-making, grants will be allocated to those most able to create long-lasting change. 
  • We believe that funding is crisis in most effective when it is quiet and supportive rather than headline-grabbing, branded or invasive. 
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