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The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and TrustAfrica, Senegal held a National Summit on Tertiary Education in Ghana on the theme: “Crafting a National Vision and Plan for the 21st Century” in Accra from November 2 to 4, 2016.

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Workshop: Reflection and planning

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TrustAfrica (TA)organized a three day seminar in Dakar from March 30 to April 1, 2016 around the theme “Early Learning Innovations Reflections and Planning”. This seminar brought together the current three partners of TrustAfrica’s Early Learning portfolio. These partners have been selected to continue in the phase 2 implementation of the project, which is concerned with condensing and scaling up the innovations from phase one of the project. These partners received bridge funding for the transitional between both phase one and two. The three partners present are who Link Community Development Uganda (LCDU, Uganda), Ecole Multilingue (EMiLe, Senegal) and Madrasa (Kenya).

* To present projects components, achievements, and lessons learned

* To discuss the objectives, strategies and challenges for Phase 2 implementation

* To realize a solid work planning for phase 2 integrating M&E and media dissemination

* To gain knowledge and “how to” tools kits to ensure proper dissemination of the innovations impact to various stakeholders.

* To provide an enabling environment which promotes peer sharing, learning, networking, and opportunities for relationship building and collaboration among grantee partners

Experiences in Africa and around the world have indicated that the end of conflict does not automatically lead to sustainable peace and transition to democratic rule with rule of law and respect for human rights. They proved rather that transitional justice (TJ) is indispensable to achieve this end. Indeed there is a need to initiate TJ processes to recognize victims of atrocity crimes and secure accountability for those crimes. In fact this has proved to secure civic trust and national reconciliation and at least promises democratic rule in Africa. It must be noted that transitional TJ processes would not see success without the initiatives of Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs)) ground preparatory work of fact finding and documentation. Although their preparatory work has proved success of many TJs in securing accountability in Africa, it would be misleading to say this work is a smooth road.

This convening will review ICJ advocacy strategies by showcasing our partners’ accomplishments, identifying the challenges they face, and fine-tuning our engagements to add value to their work.

Mark the date: April 21 - 22, 2015

Nairobi, Kenya - TrustAfrica workshop on Local Content Policy Frameworks in Africa’s Extractive Sector.

About 50 key players in the extractive sector and beyond gather in Nairobi next week to see how Local Content Policy (LCP) arrangements can amplify the transformative impact of Africa’s extractive industry.

TrustAfrica’s ICJ Project supported Africa Legal Aid (AFLA) to convene a high level pan-African and lessons learned conference entitled "Africa and the International Criminal Court (ICC): Lessons Learned and Synergies Ahead”.

On September 30, 2014, we will host a meeting in Dakar in honor of Akwasi Aidoo, our founder and director, as he prepares to leave TrustAfrica. The discussion will focus on a field of work to which he has made an immense contribution: the complementary notions of Africans taking charge of their own development and using African resources to transform systemic injustice. These notions are the backbone of TrustAfrica’s work on inclusive governance, equitable development and African philanthropy.

African Higher Education Summit

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The three-day continental summit, whose theme is “revitalizing higher education for Africa’s future”, seeks to build a movement of like-minded institutions to transform the African higher education sector.

To be held on 10-12 March 2015 at the King Fahad Palace Hotel, in Dakar, the summit will be highly interactive, allowing participants to exchange experiences and views.

The summit’s objectives are to:
1. Build a constituency for transformation and investment in Africa’s higher education.
2. Create a shared vision for the future of African higher education.
3. Harness and highlight exemplary efforts and initiatives in African higher education.
4. Harness disparate efforts and interventions in African higher education.
5. Spur and sustain innovation in African higher education.

On November 24-25 2014, TrustAfrica hosted a convening of smallholder farmers and advocates and other stakeholders engaged in policy reform processes in seven African countries. Entitled Strengthening Smallholder Agriculture in Africa: Prospects for Mobilisation and Advocacy, the meeting took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

La Conférence nationale des victimes de guerre aura lieu à Kampala, en Ouganda du 28 au 30 mai 2014 au Royal Imperial Hôtel. Cette conférence, dont l’objectif est de renforcer la participation des victimes aux processus de justice transitionnelle et de renforcer la solidarité nationale autour des droits de ces dernières, aura lieu avant l’adoption par l’Ouganda d’une politique nationale de justice transitionnelle.

La conférence réunira des acteurs de tous les secteurs de la société qui sont engagés dans des processus de justice transitionnelle, notamment le Gouvernement, la société civile et les partenaires au développement. Cent victimes venant de toutes les régions de l’Ouganda et plus de 30 victimes venant d’autres pays africains devraient assister à la conférence. Plusieurs ministres et autres membres du gouvernement ougandais prendront également la parole lors de l’événement. Parmi les personnalités (à confirmer) invitées à prendre la parole figurent :

  • Son Excellence le Président Yoweri Museveni
  • L’Archevêque Desmond Tutu par vidéo préenregistrée
  • Son Excellence Mary Robinson (ancienne Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies aux droits de l’homme et ancienne Présidente de la République d’Irlande)
  • Le Professeur Jeremy Sarkin, procureur à la Haute Cour de Justice sud-africaine et spécialiste des droits de l’homme
  • Le juge James Ogala (Président du Groupe de travail sur la Justice transitionnelle et président de la Commission de la magistrature,
  • et bien d’autres.


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