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On November 24-27, at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, there will be a conference entitled

"Zimbabwe: Present Realities, Future Prospects."

The conference, sponsored by the University of Zimbabwe, Midlands State University and National University of Science and Technology, in conjunction with TrustAfrica-Zimbabwe Alliance, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF), brings together participants from diverse backgrounds to discuss candid reflections on Zimbabwe's governance over the last decade and a half from the state, private sector and civil society perspective and to chart a way forward. 


On November 28-29, the Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A), in collaboration with the Strathmore Tax Research Centre and funded by TrustAfrica, will host a two-day policy roundtable meeting on the theme "Curtailing Transfer Mispricing: Africa's Response to Global Challenges." The event, which will take place at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya, brings together a cross section of NGOs, tax authorities, academic researchers, policymakers and international organizations from around the world to share experiences, discuss policy and brainstorm solutions to current transfer pricing challenges facing African countries.


On December 9-10, TrustAfrica, the Open Society Institute for West Africa (OSIWA) and Global Financial Integrity (GFI)

will be co-sponsoring the "Forum on Illicit Financial Flows in Africa." The Forum will take place at the Terrou-Bi Hotel in Dakar, Senegal, with his excellence, the Minister of Economy and Finance for Senegal, M. Amadou Ba. Among the many activities scheduled at the Forum, participants will receive key findings of the GFI 2013 report on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa and discuss the key trends, risks and costs to the region.   Additionally, the forum will look to establish a regional platform on illicit financial flows for campaigning and advocacy.




On November 12-13, TrustAfrica, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, held a two-day convening entitled "A Decade of CAADP: Reflections on Key Outcomes of Agricultural Policy Reforms in Africa." The purpose of the convening, which took place at the Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, was to raise awareness about the role of agriculture in development and to give voice to those most affected by agricultural development policies, particularly smallholder farmers. Around 40 participants from the six target countries of TrustAfrica's Agricultural Reform project participated in the event. Additionally, Mr. Charles Abugre Akelyira, Africa Regional Director of the UN Millennium campaign, based in Nairobi, was the invited keynote speaker.


The International Criminal Justice Project sponsored a national workshop implemented by the Malian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COMADDH) on November 6-8 at the Grand Hotel in Bamako, Mali. Co-chaired by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Reconciliation and Development in the Northern Regions, the workshop aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of civil society organizations to rebuild the social fabric of Malian society and engage communities regarding issues of transitional justice. The workshop brought together 30 civil society organizations from eight regions of Mali, including Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou, Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao, Kidal and the District of Bamako.


The Investment Climate and Business Environment (ICBE) Research Fund held a forum on October 11, 2013 at the Hotel des Almadies in Dakar, Senegal to disseminate research related to investment and the business environment in Senegal, and also bring together key stakeholders in the investment community.  The Forum, organized by the University Cheikh Ante Diop (UCAD), TrustAfrica and the International Development Research Center (IDRC), was presided by Senegal's Minister of Planning, Abdoulaye Balde. Among the papers discussed, was research on how electrical power cuts affect the ability to do business in Senegal and several recommendations on ways to make the business climate more attractive to investors, including the promotion of free trade zones.


November, 2013

Welcome to our end-of-year edition of TrustAfrica Now.  This year has flown by so quickly, perhaps because we have been working so hard to make a difference in the lives of Africans around the continent, we haven't noticed the clock is ticking.  Below is just a brief overview of some of the work that has kept us busy.  As you can see, our partner organizations have been truly phenomenal.  And of course, we couldn't do what we do it without supporters like you.  Our sincerest thanks and please keep reading!

Workshop Highlights the Best Strategies for Giving and Receiving Money

Yali Conference

What do a highly successful golf champion, a wealthy microcredit lender, an Internet mogul and the CEO of a foundation have in common? All were potential donors to a group of young African leaders learning about the complexities of grantmaking and fundraising.


On September 19, 2013, TrustAfrica was invited to host a simulation exercise on grantmaking and fundraising for the Young African Leaders Innovation (YALI) Summit, held in Dakar at the Pullman Hotel. The TrustAfrica staff, disguised as potential donors, described their organizations to the participants who were then asked to break out into small groups. Each group was given a case study from which to strategize and prepare their pitch to the donors. At the end of the exercise, the groups would find out who would be successfully funded.


The exercise provided an opportunity for the young leaders to better understand and prepare for their own fundraising initiatives. The Young African Leaders Initiative grew out of an idea developed by the Obama Administration in 2010. The idea was to develop long-term partnerships between the US and Africa through the recognition of young African Leaders. Since then, the Initiative has been supported through a series of high-level forums held by the US Government, most recently in Dakar, Senegal.


For TrustAfrica, the exercise was also an opportunity to introduce Africa's emerging leaders to the concept of African philanthropy, one of the foundation's core program areas. Participants were asked to identify expressions of African philanthropy and what their assumptions were regarding its definition.

Philanthropy is Inherent to Africa

At times the concept of fundraising, charity and donors are thought of as being foreign but what the exercise sought to demonstrate is philanthropy is an inherent part of African life. African philanthropy is deeply rooted in African traditions and cultural expressions. Communities in Africa have always shared resources amongst themselves, from relatives contributing during a naming ceremony to Africans in the diaspora sending money home, the panel hoped to demonstrate that all the participants were, in fact, African philanthropists.


Currently, however, the formalized and at times commercialized philanthropy "industry" is one that has received more recognition, due to the burgeoning number of millionaires and billionaires on the continent hoping to give back. The simulation ended with a challenge to think of ways to help these successful people invest their resources in line with TrustAfrica's values for promoting equitable and inclusive growth on the continent.

Participants Enthusiastic about Session


Overall, the session was warmly received by YALI participants who had a much greater understanding after two hours of what it takes to raise money and give money. They were eager to return to their own lives and look for opportunities to apply the new tools they had developed. "Thank you for the great session! It was practical and innovative," wrote one alumna on her evaluation form. Said another "Fab! Fab! Fab!" Hopefully, with their newfound appreciation of philanthropy, these young African leaders will find new opportunities to raise money, then share their successes by becoming donors themselves.     

Early Learning Innovations Project Supports Fresh Approaches to Education in Four Countries
Kenya ELI

TrustAfrica's "Promoting Early Learning Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa" project has been actively distributing grants to promote early learning activities that will give children a head start in math and reading.   As of this moment, eight grants have been distributed to the target countries of Kenya, Uganda, Mali and Senegal.  (Please see Grants at a Glance below.) In addition, the scoping studies that were originally conducted at the start of the project have been refined and databases developed to share among partner/grantees.  The project has also worked to establish partnerships with like-minded organizations, such as Firelight, among others.  The project is intended to provide grants to organizations that will pilot, improve, or adapt new early learning approaches across a wide range of areas such as the use of local languages, engagement of community stakeholders, peer learning processes, adaptation of ICTs, use of creative and artistic modalities, promotion of a reading culture through mobile libraries, mentoring systems, parent-teacher associations, etc.

Grants at a Glance: July through November 2013 

Name of Grantee
Amount of Grant
Duration of Grant
Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU)


12 Months
Directory of laws
governing Illicit Financial Flows in Africa, and the assessments of gaps and best practices

African Monitor Trust
12 Months
Enhancing understanding and engagement on Illicit Financial Flows among civil society, policymakers and citizens in South Africa
Link Community Development



Uganda Early Learning Enhancement Project
Roy Nakhosi Foundation
12 Months
Building Initiatives for Needy Communities (BINC) School Literacy Development Scheme
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
12 Months
Pastoralist Early Grades Literacy and Numeracy in Kenya (PEGLINK) Project
Third World Network-Africa
9 Months
For the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFODAD) in order to provide support on strengthening African perspectives, voices and engagement around the issue of illicit financial flows
The Bible Society of Uganda
12 Months
Promoting early literacy in Kumam
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
4 Months
Zimbabwe Elections 2013 Civil Society Emergency Support
Centre d'Etudes Sociales et d'Apprentissage des Metiers
17 Months
Promotion of early learning
Youth Crime Watch of Liberia
7 Months
Grant to support the establishment of Youth-led Crime Preventoin and Reporting Clubs in 30 Schools in Bong and Mount Serrado Counties
The Inter Religious Council of Liberia
6 Months
Strengthening IRCL's participation in the Early Warning and Emergency Response System
Liberia Media Center
6 Months
Tracking conflict for Early Warning and Early Response
Foundation for Peace and Development
6 Months
Sustaining Peace: A Youth Capacity Building Project
Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FORDH)
12 Months
Promoting popular participation in the decentralization of Governance
Southern African Research and Documentation Center (SARDC)
12 Months
Illicit Flows Observatory for Africa
Influence Africa
12 Months
To produce the documentary "Combating Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) from Africa"
Women of Zimbabwe Arise  (WOZA)
8 Months
Matabeleland Mother your Vote Campaign
(AYINET) African Youth Initiative Network
6 Months
Regional consultations with victims' organizations in preparation for National Victims' Conference.
Journalists for Justice (ICJ-Kenya)
8 Months
Raising the visibility of victims of post-electoral violence in Kenya
Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A)
6 Months
Curtailing Transfer Mispricing: Opportunities and Challenges for Africa
The Catholic Justice And Peace Commission (JPC)
10 Months
Promoting basic human and labor rights in selected  rural artisanal mining communities
Coalition Malienne des Défenseurs des Droits Humains  (COMADDH)
4 Months
Civil Society agenda-setting workshop on transitional justice in Mali
Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen (FDK)
12 Months
Promotion of ITC and innovative strategies for teaching/learning reading
and mathematics in elementary schools in Ziguinchor

What's New on the TrustAfrica Website?

If you have ever wondered what exactly TrustAfrica does as an organization, we have tried to answer that question through the visual medium. We recently visited several of our grantee organizations--civil society groups around the continent who are working hard to promote good Governance, Equitable Development and African Philanthropy. We took the opportunity to develop a series of "Grantee Videos" to showcase the amazing work of these organizations. You will find some of those videos on our Website here. Let us know what you think!


The Investment Climate and Business Environment Research Fund (ICBE) recently finished its complete set of policy briefs, derived from all of the research produced through the support of this project over the last seven years. The ICBE Research Fund is a project started by TrustAfrica and the International Development and Research Center (IDRC) in 2006 to address some of the obstacles promoting a healthy business environment. One of its key objectives is to disseminate relevant information to policymakers and others in decision-making positions in order to influence policy around the investment and business climate. You can find the briefs posted in French and English in our Publications database here

CAADP Conference
Policy Brief
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